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Inside Europe | 17.01.2009

A very exclusive, and expensive book

Book lovers have been asking themselves a very important question this year: is the death of the book approaching?

The world financial crisis has certainly taken its toll on the publishing industry. And sales of machines that allow you to read books electronically — like Amazon’s Kindle — have shot up. But a small art-book publisher in Italy is swimming against the stream. Still, these books won’t be making their way to your corner bookstore, nor are they for everybody. From Bologna, Deborah Kolben reports.,,3947603,00.html

Inside Europe | 18.04.2009 |

Day care for dads left holding the baby

A young father with baby

The birth rate in Germany is almost the lowest in Europe. To tackle the problem, the government passed a new law two years ago making it easier for new fathers to take time off work. And the strategy seems to be bearing fruit.

Last year there was a slight increase in births. And according to new statistics, about 14 percent of fathers in Germany are now staying home for a least two months. But what do these new fathers do once they’ve traded their briefcase for baby slings? In Berlin, some of them head to the father centre. And Inside Europe joined them for a day.

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