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From Queens, Revolution Sweeps the World of Yogurt
August 14, 2006

THE NEW YORK SUN — August 14, 2006

Antonios Maridakis says that when one of the world’s most famous and well-chiseled actors headed to Mexico recently to shoot a movie, he first placed a call to Queens with a special request — for a case of yogurt.

From his small office in an industrial strip on the border of the Woodside and Astoria sections of Queens, Mr. Maridakis controls a small dairy empire, importing 40 million cups of Total yogurt a year from his native Greece to be shipped to 38 American states.

Creamier and less caloric than most of its American counterparts, Total has captured the attention and taste buds of the kind of New Yorkers who don’t mind spending upward of $2.50 on a small cup of plain yogurt.

Homemaking guru Martha Stewart loves the stuff. So does celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. Author Jana Klauer included it in her new diet primer, “How the Rich Get Thin: Park Avenue’s Top Diet Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Losing Weight and Feeling Great.”

Produced by an 80-year-old company in Greece called Fage (pronounced “fah-yeh”), the yogurt first started appearing on American shelves six years ago.The family-owned business found Mr. Maridakis to head its American operations through a small ad it placed in local newspapers. (more…)