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In Germany, a Baron’s Castle Is Your B&B
August 16, 2009

THE NEW YORK TIMES—August 16, 2009


WHEN Thilo von und zu Gilsa, a scion of one of Germany’s noble families, arrived in the formal dining room of his ancestral castle in central Germany, he wore a green Bavarian hunting jacket. On the wall behind him hung a portrait of a great-great-great-grandfather, the hunting master for a local duke. His four children were on perfect behavior, including Genoveva, 2, who was buttering her own bread with a silver knife.

It was easy to forget that this was also a hotel, until Mr. von Gilsa’s wife, Tanja, walked in wearing black riding boots and carrying a large white china platter of roasted chicken, which her two paying guests eagerly carved up. After dinner, Ms. von Gilsa became the tour guide, holding forth on the provenance of the heavy antique furniture and ornate decorations throughout the home. “I think that one’s mine,” Ms. von Gilsa said, pointing to the skin of a wild boar she had recently killed. (more…)


Why Orthodox Women Are Choosing Natural Birth
August 12, 2009

The Forward—August 12, 2009


Looking for a doctor to deliver your baby when you’re 30 weeks pregnant isn’t exactly ideal. But when I moved back to Brooklyn earlier this month, after living in Europe for the past year, that’s exactly what I had to do.

In my perfect world I wanted to find a caring midwife who could deliver my baby in a non-hospital setting. After some extensive Google research, I found myself driving out one rainy morning to the Brooklyn Birthing Center, a small freestanding practice of midwives on an otherwise dim residential strip in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. (more…)